• Meet designer and founder of NLA Collection, Natalie Amoils.

      Born and raised in Los Angeles, Natalie has always been extremely passionate about fashion, art and giving back to her community. After graduating from USC and working in the film and television industry for five years, Natalie ventured out into the fashion world to pursue her design ideas. 

      After attending more and more weddings and in-person events after COVID-19, Natalie’s search for classic evening bags led her to realize there was a gap within the market. Sparking many design ideas for Natalie, NLA Collection began soon after. 

      NLA Collection launched online in December 2022, with the signature silk knot wristlet. All NLA purses are handmade in Los Angeles, and Natalie sources all fabric here in Los Angeles as well. Natalie’s vision is to continue designing timeless and sleek accessories at an approachable price point. 

    • Made in LA, NLA COLLECTION is a timeless, luxury purse line. Your new favorite handmade silk accessories, designed for every occasion.